Winter Sport VocabularyWinter Sport Vocabulary

Do you understand the language of sports? Like many sports, Winter Sports have their own special words or slang used and understood only by those involved in the sport. Here’s your chance to brush up on your winter vocabulary.

Apres ski – n. – “after ski” the time spent with friends after skiing for the day. (skiing)

Corn - n.- chunky, older snow that has often frozen and re-melted, visually resembles canned corn. Can be difficult to ski or snowboard on. (skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling)

Fakie –n – a trick where the rider goes backward (snowboarding)

Goofy – adj. – riding with your right foot forward. (snowboarding)

Hat trick – n. – 1) three goals made in one game , or three achievements made quickly by one person (hockey, all other sports)

Milk run – n. – the first run of the day (skiing, snowboarding)

Ollie – n.- a jump where the rider catches air (snowboarding, freeskiing)

Powder – n. – fresh, light, ungroomed snow (all winter sports)

Shred –v. – to ski or snowboard with speed and skill “Let’s go shred that!” (skiing, snowboarding)

Wheelie – n. – a trick where the rider rears back and lifts the front of their board off the snow (snowboarding)