We all visit the Supermarket--some more frequently than others--but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t learn a new trick or two to help get you in and out faster than you have before! Most of us know we shouldn’t shop while hungry, but check out these tips to help you avoid other cleaver traps designed to trick even the savviest shopper:

  • Shopping carts are getting bigger. If you only need to pick up a few items, use the basket instead.
  • Shake off your leafy greens to get rid of the extra water that was sprayed on them to keep them fresh. That extra water adds unnecessary weight when checking out.
  • “10-for-$10” sales are very effective but not always the best deals. Check the price before the sale started to makes sure you’re really saving.
  • Just because an item is displayed at the end of an aisle, it doesn’t make it a good deal. Endcap displays are sold to companies that are trying to promote a new product.
  • Fresh bread is sold to you in a brown bag because it goes stale faster. Place your bread in an airtight plastic bag once you get home help it last longer.
  • Monday and Tuesday are the least crowded, and also the best days to shop. Try to avoid the weekends whenever possible.
  • Find out when your butcher marks down meats. At most stores, it’s between eight and ten in the morning.